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Update: Sunday, October 25th, 2009

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What is Sufism?

The New Humanity Times presents stories and scientific news with a spiritual focus.
- David Berry


Sharing Art At The Meher Center 2004

A collection of David Berry's paintings was be on display at the Meeting Place at the Meher Spiritual Center during the month of March 2004

What is The New Humanity?

The New Humanity is a philosophy that brings rejuvenation and unity to our cultural, social and spiritual life.

The New Science Feature:

Is Genetic Modification Natural?

What does genetic modification mean and is it something that only human beings can do?

The New Science Archive
The New Faith Feature:

What God Expects from Us

Thoughts about understanding and following the most important commandments.



Who is Meher Baba?
Find out about Meher Baba's life and how he is changing the lives of hundreds of thousands.

Discovering Modern Miracles
Between scepticism and faith, miracles are becoming more difficult to embrace in our own lives.

The Christ Test
Has The Christ returned?
How would you know?


This WEB site!
The Art Times
The November Art Exhibit

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10 Tips on Giving Wisely
If You Give Money, How Much?
50 Ways to Help Children
80 Ways to Save Animals
50 Ways to Save the Environment
100 Ways to Create Peace
50 Ways to Help the Homeless
35 Ways to Prevent Crime

Link: The New   Meher Center Site
Understanding Complex Systems
DNA and Free Will

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